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Our Ministries

As a church and members of the body we are committed to Jesus Christ, and we base our teaching on the revealed word of God. It is our pleasure to serve the Lord in spirit and in truth. In efforts to make heaven our home. Let us encourage you to begin reading the Bible and praying each and every day. Come and grow with is as we study the word of God. We hope and pray that you come and visit with us. Our leadership is working hard to provide ministries that are pleasing to God to help build His kingdom. 

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Here at Southside our leadership recognizes that our children are the future. It is of great importance to instill the values of the Lord Jesus. Teaching them to love and the skills they will need to be steadfast in this world. Assisting them in their journey to grow into mature Christians. 

Married Couples Ministry

Every month on the 3rd Friday of each month our married couples meet at various locations for devotion and fellowship. Encouraging one another to concentrate more on love than problems.

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Benevolence Ministry

Our Benevolence ministry is committed to the cause in Matthew 5, to feed the poor, clothe the naked, and visit the sick. We have renamed it our Care Ministry.

Our Care pantry provides food to any one in need each Wednesday form 9:00 am -Noon. 

We are partners of the Good 360 program through the ministry of Healing Waters to provide household items to those in need. We will launch this program very soon.  

Education Ministry

Like  us on Facebook  for classes and updates on what's new in Education. 

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